Join Us is a product of Nicefact Info Solutions and one of the fastest advancing technical websites. We have an online presence of about 2 years, but in this very short span of time, we have managed to gain wide recognition. We have multiple of our articles published is some great sites like DZone, TheServerSide, Hacker News and

The main purpose of building this platform was to highlight the work of those talented technical bloggers and geeks who love sharing their knowledge with the others of their kind but don't actually have a way to do so.

Why should you write for us?

1. Suppose you are a new blogger, you have recently started your blog. We, here, at coding is cool provide your opportunity to expand your network as you are introduced to the new audience. We share your bio and social links which helps you grow in no time.

2. Though the start date of coding is cool goes back to 2011, we have been active from the last 4 months and grown rapidly in terms of social presence and traffic. Writing for us gives you bragging rights. You can proudly say, you are a technical writer at coding is cool.

3. We provide you back links to your website which obviously helps you make your website rank better and grow traffic like never before.

4. You write for us, we review your posts and help you improve in the areas you lag. Its more like, we are helping you improve your writing skills or rather you are helping yourself. These are things that benefit you on the long term.

5. It might take several years for a new blogger to gain respect and authority in his/her niche, but thanks to websites like on of ours, this period can be reduced to only a few months. All that you’re required to do is to associate yourself with some top bloggers like one of us.

What do we expect from you?

1. We ask nothing more from you than to continue writing quality technical content. We emphasize mostly on the articles related to following topics:

Open Source/Linux
Programming Humor
Technical News

You write an article on one of the above topics, the chances for your article getting selected increase.

2. We keep the right to review or edit the original article. Moreover, we may modify the article to further improve the reading experience of the readers that visit us from all round the world.

3. We are very strict towards the purity of the content.Every time you submit an article to us, your article is throughly reviewed by our experts who make sure the content is purely original. Once caught, you are banned for life time from writing for Coding is Cool.

4. Every article that is published on Coding is Cool provides a back link to the website or blog you own. The original author of the article is fully credited for the job.

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Join us by writing an email at with your quick bio and link to your blog, if any. Our team of editors then reviews your profile and once selected, you are provided with a HTML code snippet which you have to place on your blog where you want our badge to appear.

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