The Truth about Indian Television Show: Bigg Boss

There are rumors every now and then about Bigg Boss being scripted, pre-decided, pre-written, pre-planned, bla bla.

Well, there are loads of facts and figures which actually show or prove so about this highly TRPed Indian television show.

Really a 24*7 show?

Bigg Boss is supposed to be a 24*7 show until it ends with top 3 contestants. But, is it really so? Think about it! You get to see an hour of the show daily, consisting of multiple days of events. All that cut to an hour, seriously? And still everything appears in sequence to us, nothing seems missing. Well, how does that happen? Do the contestants not talk for the rest of the time? Well, this needs to be given a thought for once.

Really cut off from the outside world? 

Recently, there were pics gone viral all over the internet showing mobile & charger being used inside the Bigg Boss house. Well, is that surprising? I think, not at all. As i mentioned earlier, its just a few hours of recordings we are shown on the TV, and we obviously cannot deny the fact that the contestants might be using the phone for rest of the times and those times are simply cropped out of the show. Is that a big deal? Its all about TRP anyway.

Voting and Eliminations are real? 

Votings and eliminations are pre-planned. If you are a regular follower of the show, you would have known that by now. Contestants get eliminated and pulled back into the show by unwritten rules. The reasons given are illogical enough to be believed. They say, the public decides, but hey, do you really think the public does? Who knows if the vote counts are for real? Is there a ruling authority who makes sure the votes are counted properly? Well, i think voting is just a way to show the people that their opinions matter apart from earnings they make from our votes.

How exactly are the contestants priced? 

Do you know how the pricing works for the contestants? Apart from the prize money for the Bigg Boss season winner, each contestant is paid on per day basis priced depending on their popularity. There also have been rumors, they are paid extra amount for the fights & affairs they have in the house. Well, can be just rumors !!

Bigg Boss really exists?

Another fact everybody wants to know is, who the heck is Bigg Boss for real? Well, you cannot deny the fact that, Bigg Boss can be just what you hear, it can be just some modified voice of a person that doesn't even exist. I mean, a person that exists and we all know about, a voice that doesn't exist and we all want to know about.

How are the participants decided? 

One thing that surely needs to be noticed is participants in each season. If you notice well, the list of participants always has a divorced couple, a gay, an ex-model and so on. This again is something that's pre-planned.

Well, obviously, this supposed fact list doesn't cover everything, but think about it. Think again, You Have Been Fooled??


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