Magical Plugin that assures your IRCTC Tatkal ticket

Regular Indian Railways customers are quite aware of the fact that, every second counts when its about booking a Tatkal ticket through IRCTC. 

Normally, one would login to IRCTC couple of minutes earlier as a part of preparation of booking Tatkal ticket. After all, getting a confirmed Tatkal ticket is a tedious task. The process sounds easy when i say, all you need to do is fill up the ticket form and provide payment details and you are done. But, things get messy when you realize, time is the biggest factor during the process. The faster you enter the form details, higher are the chances of  getting a confirmed ticket. But, what if you did not have to fill the ticket form after 10:00 and you could fill and save the form priorly. That would be Awesome! Right?

Would you believe if i say, some of us have been doing that for months now and its not something that requires any kind of hack or technical expertise. All you need is a browser, a plugin and you are good to go. 

myRailinfo IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Autofill extension is an excellent extension developed by creators of This extension is available free of cost for both Google Chrome and Firefox users. All you need to do is search and install the plugin for your browser and follow some simple steps listed in this post further. The form auto fill feature of this extension enables you to book a Tatkal ticket in as low as 19 seconds.

How to get the Plugin?

myRailinfo IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Autofill extension for Google Chrome - Latest version available is 4.3
myRailinfo IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Autofill extension for Mozilla Firefox - Latest version available is 3.1

How to use the Plugin?

This YouTube video here explains the usage of this extension.

Also, you may follow this process as provided by myrailinfo developers. The steps provided here may differ to some extent as there have been certain changes at the IRCTC end recently, but its more or less the same.

Do you find this helpful? Do you think this extension is really magical? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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