10 Secrets To Cracking Linux Interviews

When you see an article with such a title, the first thing that strikes your mind is "Oh no, same stuff over and again". Well, let me give you a reason why you should be investing time reading this article. I have cracked 15 odd interviews in the last 3 months and i am sure these points will surely be of help to you too. 

Now, without wasting any of your precious time, i will straightforward come to the points.

1. Prepare yourself to a level, at least to the level of Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) in case you are wondering where to start before going for an interview.

2. Update your resume, i am not going to explain or give u tips on creating an effective resume. But, you should always keep it updated like you keep your passport ready while you are in corporate environment. You never know when an opportunity comes knocking.

3. You must have seen people cracking interviews one after the other. So, is it like they have grown some super power in the process or they have some kind of magical book full of all those interview questions? Well, its none of them. There are just 2 factors mostly, confidence and learning from mistakes. Learn from mistakes when you are not doing well, that will help you improve and improvement leads to success which in turn boosts your confidence. Confident people are more likely to crack interviews as compared to non-confident ones.

4. Job portals are always the best sources for the job seekers.Keeping in mind, you are an indian job seeker, i would suggest you should have a profile on LinkedIn and naukri.com at least. You might as well opt for monster.com or TimesJobs. Referrals are no doubt, always a great source.

Apply for jobs whenever you can but i personally feel the time between 12pm to 4pm on weekdays is the best to do so.Your resume is more likely to be absorbed during this time period. Well, certainly there are a lot of factors but this is one that has come from my personal observation. The more jobs you apply for, more are the chances of getting call for the interview.

6. Keep your profile on naukri.com updated. The timing you choose to update your profile matters a lot. Updating profile on Sunday evening is always the best option as it crawls your profile to the top and chances of getting seen, selected and called by the recruiters is highly increased for the upcoming week.

7. Most of us do not apply for a job just because we find the job description scary, which is quite obvious. Well, stop doing that immediately because most companies don't even mean what they actually mention in the job description. Do not avoid applying to jobs just because you think you do not have it in you what the
job description wants. The job description is just a test to check your self confidence, take it that way.

8. There are times when you go for an interview and you do not get through which obviously lets you down, makes you hopeless at times. Do not take it in a negative way, its just another opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve them. Trust these "not just" words, you might not realize it instantly but after you have been through 3 or 4 interviews, you will surely know what you have been doing is helping the situation.

9. Looking forward to crack an interview real soon? Well, interview schedule is one of the most important factors, believe it or not. You got to be available for the interview in order to crack them, in the first place. So, prioritize your tasks. Always keep interviews on the top of your list which is normally tough to do while you are still busy with your current job and lifestyle. So, decide for yourself.. build some dedication if you are really looking forward to grabbing some new job.

10. You hear and forget. You see and remember. You do and understand. So, the best way to prepare for an interview is doing and understanding which, in case of linux, is easily achievable. Install Virtualbox on your system which is a freeware and easily available... get a CentOS iso and set it up with the help of some tutorial from Youtube.That makes you ready for the "doing". The more you do, the more you understand. You will know, cracking linux interviews is not that tough after all.

This is the best i can do to help you grab your dream job. In case you agree/disagree, please leave a comment.


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