How to use any/multiple number of Whatsapp Accounts on Android

Is it really feasible to use any number of whatsapp account on an android device? Well, with Android Lollipop, it surely is.

Among all the next-gen features android lollipop comes with, multi-user accounts is one.With this awesome pc like feature, you can have any number of user accounts on your android device running android lollipop.

And if you are thinking, i might mention ogwhatsapp later in the post, you are absolutely wrong. Also, you must be aware of the fact that a mobile device supporting multiple SIMs doesn't support the installation of multiple whatsapp accounts.

The device i am using here for the demonstration is Nexus 5 and i am doing it for just 2 accounts, this can actually be done for any number of user accounts which means N number of whatsapp can be installed on a single device.

Account A
Account B
Now, lets says you have 2 user accounts setup on your lollipop with whatsapp installed on them. You must already be aware of the fact, whatsapp requires a six digit code sent to the mobile number for the completion of authentication process which means, one operator number can have only one whatsapp account connected to it. Also, consider the fact that you do not need to have the SIM on same mobile device to activate the whatsapp account for that particular operator number. As i mentioned, it just requires a 6 digit code to complete the authentication process which is sent to that particular mobile the SIM is inserted into. So, just get the code and activate whatsapp on your device.

This way, you can use as many whatsapp accounts on your Android lollipop device as you want. In case of any doubts, please communicate through the comment box.


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