How to install Wync, Lync on Ubuntu 14.04

Wync, Lync on Linux!

Microsoft Lync (formerly Microsoft Office Communicator) is an instant messaging client used with Microsoft Lync Server. This is a replacement for Windows Messenger, which was used with Microsoft Exchange Server.

When we talk about moving from windows to linux platform, specially in the corporate environments, there is a need of common messaging protcol or a messaging client to communicate across the platforms. This is where wync comes in.

Wync is widely available for mutiple platforms like android, iphone & linux. It comes with premium features like screen sharing (windows to linux), voice calling, persistent chat, file transfer, etc.
Wync is free to install, however, there is a licensed version available which can be purchased for $49 a year which involves priority support and doesn't have any limit on voice calls or screen sharing as the free version does. The free version has a 2 minute limit on each call or screen share.

Download wync:

Wync has both debian and rpm packages available to download and can be installed on multiple linux platforms like ubuntu, suse linux, debian, gentoo, arch linux, redhat/CentOS. The latest version of wync can be download from here and the older versions along with beta versions can be downloaded from here.
Installation of wync:

Once downloaded, wync can be installed on ubuntu using the dpkg command.

#sudo dpkg -i wync_ubuntu64_v2.0.257.deb

Configuration of wync:

Once installed, wync can be easily configured by providing simple information like email, domain/username and the microsoft lync account password.

Hit the sign in button and you are all set to use wync on your ubuntu box. All the contacts you had on lync will now appear on the wync as they used to, you do not need to add them again.



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