40 Useless Websites You Don't Have To Know Of, Maybe

There are important websites,then there are less important websites and then lesser important website and then the least important ones. You must be thinking what the least important websites must be like? Can there even be websites that don't actually need to be over the internet and even if they are on here, do they actually mean a damn?

Well, here are some of the really useless websites and you don't actually need to bother knowing about them. But if you got some time to waste, go through this list.

Warning: You might find some of these funny!

1. 1112.net

2. http://www.omfgdogs.com/

3. http://jurassicsystems.com/

4. http://www.something.com/

5. http://tencents.info/

6. http://www.ismycomputeron.com/

7. http://www.pleaselike.com/

8. http://ducksarethebest.com/

9. http://hectorsalamanca.com/

10. http://giantbatfarts.com/

11. http://www.wwwdotcom.com/

12. http://www.oppositeofpoop.com/

13. http://www.haneke.net/

14. https://isitchristmas.com/

15. http://heeeeeeeey.com/

16. http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/

17. http://eelslap.com/

18. http://heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa.com/

19. http://www.koalastothemax.com/

20. http://istheinternetdown.com/

21. http://sometimesredsometimesblue.com/

22. http://hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com/

23. http://www.lereddit.com/

24. http://burnie.com/

25. http://doihaveswineflu.org/

26. http://www.fearthegaychicken.org/

27. http://defiantdog.com/

28. http://www.thingsididlastnight.com/

29. http://www.tacospin.com/

30. http://cat-bounce.com/

31. http://randomidity.com/

32. http://randomidity.com/

33. http://www.addicted2air.com/

34. http://pleasewait.co.uk/

35. http://www.thebestdinosaur.com/

36. http://iamawesome.com/

37. http://crouton.net/

38. http://willthefuturebeaweso.me/

39. http://ischarliemcdonnellsingle.com/

40. http://www.papertoilet.com/

Go on now, get back to work :)


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  1. Hope it's alright I posted this into the Tutorials section of the SolydXK forums?

    As some might find it helpful. Thanks for taking the time to lay it out for the newbie to Linux Debian.

  2. If you have not heard of the apt-fast script before you might want to read about all the benefits of trying it.

    I've used it for almost 2 years now and it works just great. Here's a 2012 article describing how and what it does as. Its available for ubuntu/debian/pclinux and probably other distros'.

    You use it with exactly the same command line parameters you would use with apt-get. You will find your upgrade downloads are much faster.





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