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Epic Software Bugs of All Time, Heartbleed Included

Where there is technology, there will be bugs. There are several bugs history has witnessed in the ...

PASSWD Command Usage in Linux Explained With Examples

The passwd command changes passwords for user accounts. A normal user may only change the passwo...

Top 7 Alternatives for Ubuntu One Cloud Storage

Ubuntu One , your favorite cloud storage service for Ubuntu will be no more in existence  after Jul...

Top 10+ Android Applications Of All Time

Android, a linux base mobile operating system, is the favorite for a lot of us. Its been about 5 ye...

Usage of YUM Package Manager Explained With Examples

yum is an interactive, rpm based,package manager. It can automatically perform system updates, in...

40 Useless Websites You Don't Have To Know Of, Maybe

There are important websites,then there are less important websites and then lesser important web...

Usage of APT Package Management Utility in Debian GNU/Linux Systems

apt-get is the command-line tool for handling packages, and may be considered the user's &qu...


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